Make Your Home Live Up To Your Dreams

Today’s homeowners don’t need advisors who focus just on the home purchase or the next renovation. Homeowners want and need long-term advice on all major aspects of homeownership. Trietta is a deep community of homeownership professionals with a variety of expertise in real estate and construction.

About Andy

An advisory broker, general contractor and real estate investor

Andy started out as a carpenter and opened his Fairfield County Connecticut general contracting business in 2009. Andy became a Fairfield County realtor in 2012 and earned the advanced designation of real estate broker in 2017. Andy’s also become a substantial investor in Connecticut residential real estate through owning and managing multiple rental properties.

Early on, Andy recognized that a general contractor who also had a real estate license could better understand and meet all of the client’s building needs. Now with a deep knowledge of both building techniques and real estate market trends, he has a 360 degree view of home values and ownership. This expansive perspective, along with continual learning, enables Andy to provide more up-to-date and higher quality advice to anyone building, buying, selling, renovating, or remodeling a home.

Through Trietta, Andy and a community of 50+ real estate professionals assist clients in most types of residential real estate and construction projects.


Gain More Value, Comfort & Utility from your Home

Trietta’s long-term commitment helps people gain the most value, comfort, and utility out of their new or existing residential property. Our founder, Andy Allegretta, draws on a real estate community of 50+ experts. Their combined expertise covers every major area of importance to homeowners: home construction, buying, selling, renovation, marketing, real estate market analysis, protecting home value, and more. Together, Andy Allegretta and the Trietta team work with residents in and around Fairfield County, Connecticut to make their homes live up to their dreams.

  1. Buying and Selling
    Residential home sales that profit the buyer and the seller
  2. Building and Remodeling
    General contracting work for all types of homes, especially in the $700K to $2M price range
  3. Maintaining and Investing
    Keeping your property’s value high and helping you generate  passive income from real estate investments

Data-Driven Real Estate and Construction Decisions

At Trietta, we use facts, data, and research to objectively meet your real estate needs. Through market analysis, financial data, cost/benefit analysis, and other tools, Trietta empowers clients to make fact-based decisions.

We provide the knowledge you need for a lifetime of comfortable and secure home ownership.

Not a Real Estate Team — a Home Value Community

A typical real estate team includes different types of real estate agents, maybe a mortgage expert, an open house specialist, and perhaps a staging specialist. That’s a team that confines itself to the transaction of selling and buying a house. The typical real estate team is an outdated model. That’s not us.

At Trietta, we see your home as a major life investment. It may be the largest investment you ever make. You deserve a community of experts with skills and experience in every major aspect of homeownership—not just buying and selling. That’s why the vast majority of the Trietta professionals are not real estate agents. Our community of 50+ experienced professionals includes marketing specialists, carpenters, landscapers, electricians, investment consultants, plumbers, roofers, and more.

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At Trietta, our philosophy is to work in ways designed to best meet your particular needs. Every project’s unique, every client’s unique, so the way we work adjusts to you.

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