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Who is Trietta?

Trietta was created by integrating three aspects “TRI” of residential real estate—Real Estate Brokership, Residential Remodeling, and Real Estate Investment.

Our founder, Andy Allegretta “ETTA”, has over a decade of experience in residential real estate and has built a community of personally selected professionals willing to share profound experience and knowledge to help educate and to deliver a holistic approach in providing services to our clients.

From buying and/or selling, to improving and maintaining your home, we guarantee to add value and remove the pain that typically comes with managing multiple parties throughout the process of owning and maintaining a home.


What makes Trietta different?

Many other companies claim to be a single-source provider when it comes to home services. But what they don’t have is a 360-degree view of home values and ownership that we offer and that makes us, Trietta, the true single-source provider.

Our proven track record in the three verticals, allows single stream communication between Trietta and our clients, making Trietta’s approach unique in the Real Estate industry. Single stream communication means having one person accountable for your specific needs.

Using our data and experience, we customize comprehensive plans for each client from beginning to end, which help assure prompt assistance in solving problems and guarantee client satisfaction at the end of every project.


What services does Trietta offer?

Anything that has to do with Residential Real Estate. Depending on your specific needs, Trietta will introduce ideas and options for you to consider and will leave the final decision of how you would like to use our services up to you. Our services range from consulting to full service management/representation for each of our verticals.

Our three specific verticals are:

  • Real Estate Client Representation
  • General Contracting
  • Real Estate Investment


How can Trietta help?

Our goal is to optimize our clients’ homeownership experience.

  • First, by increasing and protecting the financial value of their homes
  • Second, by making the homeownership process easier and more enjoyable for them.

While the above suggests more on how we can contribute on a business level, we’d like to share that the driving force behind creating Trietta in the first place, is to educate homeowners.

Trietta will bring you additional value by posting blogs with quality and credible content. Our blogs will be written in-house by members of our community. Trietta also offers multiple ways for anyone interested to learn more about owning and investing on homes to reach us with questions and we promise a detailed response back in a timely fashion at no cost.



Trietta | Real Estate, Contracting & Real Estate Investment CT

Homeownership involves more than the short time periods when you build, buy, sell, or renovate. Homeownership is a huge investment that involves a long-term commitment and long-term attention. Over the years, the community of real estate professionals at Trietta have helped clients secure the right home, preserve value, add value, and adapt the home to fit their preferences and lifestyle.

If you have question please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 203.246.2782 or email us.

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