Real Estate

Real Estate At Trietta

It’s not a transaction. It’s a relationship.

Real Estate

To Andy and Trietta, buying a home isn’t so much a transaction as it is an investment that demands a long-term relationship. You don’t just want to buy or sell for the right price. You want to enjoy the property, protect its value, and make it fit your lifestyle.

Trietta’s community of partners advances your ability to sell, buy, renovate, maintain, and enjoy your home.

Our Services

Buyers Can

  • Sit down with a real estate broker/general contractor to fully discuss your needs, wants, timetable, and preferred process
  • Take multiple property tours to get more educated about each house for sale
  • Gain greater negotiating power through Trietta’s knowledge of home values, repair costs, and market desirability
  • Tap into Trietta’s home design and renovation ideas including estimated costs
  • Gain access to 50+ local subcontractors and their expertise

Sellers Can

  • Receive a comprehensive, transparent plan on your home’s market strengths and weaknesses
  • Review current and historical home market value data on thousands of local transactions
  • Have a pre-listing walk-through to hear cost-efficient ways to improve your home’s value on today’s market and increase your potential profitability
  • Increase the visual desirability of your house through professional photography

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